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An economist and strategy consultant with over 25 years experience working with Governments on climate change and environmental policies. Richard has a distinguished career, starting with developing the UK’s response to the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto protocol and developing Environmental Taxation measures. He has specialized his life’s work on complicated Government and Private sector transactions, including PPP’s, served on the UAE’s National Agri Tech Committee, and is currently the Head of EY-Parthenon for the Middle East and North Africa and Advisor to the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. He is focused on developing Carbon Credit and Trading mechanisms, activating ITMO’s under the Paris agreement and bridging the finance gap between the Global North and Global South.

Yoga is not just an exercise, it is how skillfully you can communicate and act in any given situation. Innovation, intuition, skills, and better communication: all these are effects of yoga. Yoga always promotes harmony in diversity. The word yoga itself means uniting.
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Conclusion, self practice and self study

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Ayoga yoga teachers’ training course canada university

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5 years, New york yoga strengthen your practice,Yoga center

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