Chanya Impact

Chanya means “positive” in Swahili and “Light coming from the Moon” in Hindi, which goes to the heart of what we stand for as an impact financing solutions provider that has been created for the sole purpose of improving the lives of those who need it most.


About us

Chanya Impact was founded out of an increasing necessity to deliver innovative finance solutions to tackle climate change, with a primary focus on food systems transformation and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We aim to bring transformative financing solutions to increase impact investments in developing countries and deliver real world change over the entire food system. Developed out of COP27 where it was clear that project developers had a good pipeline of projects, and financiers had money to invest, but there was a systemic disconnect between the requirements of investors and the investment profile of a majority of important and high priority projects.

Under the stewardship and as part of the various initiatives being developed for COP 28, it became clear that this disconnect cannot be solved, in the scale and timeframes needed, by continuing to rely on low income countries to stimulate projects by increase their debt burdens or on philanthropic grants alone.

Our Solution

In reply to the challenge, Chanya Impact developed a mechanism that seeks to use the multi-trillion dollar debt capital markets to enhance the credit profile of important and high priority projects, in scale, and to a level of investment grade or better, without needing to increase the debt burden of low income countries or relying on philanthropic grants.

Meet our team

We are a team of multinational professionals aggregating experiences across structured finance, equity and debt capital markets, venture capital, private equity, smart impact and sustainability-embedded solutions.

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